1. First Day of School
    April 14, 2014


  2. Sky on Fire
    April 13, 2014

    If you look closely, you can see the moon (on the left) and the sun (on the right behind some clouds).


  3. Islington, Bushbuckridge
April 13, 2014


  4. Sunday Fun Day
    April 13, 2014


  5. Michelle turns 21
    April 13, 2014


  6. Michelle turns 21
    April 13, 2014


  7. Sarah Gleason attempts to knit
    April 12, 2014


  8. Islington, Bushbuckridge
    April 11, 2014


  9. Tent Life
    April 9, 2014


  10. 👋 Riperile Bushbuckridge! 🌅 (at South African Wildlife College)


  11. En route to Bushbuckridge
    April 9, 2014


  12. Goodbye Joburg and Wilgespruit!
    April 9, 2014


  13. Our Farewell Braai
    April 8, 2014


  14. April 9, 2014: Broken iPhone 5 Charger & MacBook

    There has been a huge gap between my posts. Last time I updated my blog was after El Tigre on 15 de marzo, 2014. I have begun putting up posts from March 16th until April 7th. If you want to start from where I last stopped updating, click here.

    Allow me to explain the delay in my posts: at the start of spring break, I discovered that my iPhone 5 cable broke, so I didn’t have an iPhone to take photos all week. Then at the end of spring break, my MacBook broke. There were also no Apple stores in Buenos Aires or at the London Heathrow Airport (although I had a 14 hour layover, I couldn’t leave the airport because of my study abroad program regulations) – oh Apple, an international customer service provider, you are definitely not! I have been getting by using other people’s iPhone chargers and laptops and will have to do so for the rest of May!


  15. Spur: Steaks, Burgers, Wine (and Michelle’s early birthday celebration)
    April 7, 2014

    (Except I forgot to take photos of our two burgers)